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ExpertFlyer gives you the tools and in-depth information you need to find the perfect flight, snag the best seat, and always fly like an expert.

Our mission is to turn frequent travelers into seasoned pros so they can make every flight experience better. With advanced tools and extensive data, we help our customers become proficient in the complicated language of air travel. With our help, they’ll leave our site with every last detail they need to make their next travel experience top-notch.

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After 14 years of solo success, ExpertFlyer was acquired by Red Ventures in 2018.

Since the acquisition, ExpertFlyer has received a huge makeover, including an entire site redesign (the beta site is launching soon!), and updated tools and features that make trip-planning easier than ever and accessible to all — newbies and experts alike.

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Pro Plan


With a pro plan, users get access to our full suite of features, plus unlimited searches and up to 200 active alerts.

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Free Plan


With a free subscription, users can create one seat alert at a time for window or aisle seats, and buy additional alerts as needed.

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Have a question about navigating the site or using our tools? Find your answer in Frequently Asked Questions.

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