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Leading games coverage since 1996.

GameSpot provides more than a million daily visitors with comprehensive, engaging and unbiased game information for console, PC, and mobile platforms. The site’s award-winning coverage includes previews and reviews on the hottest titles, breaking news, live gameplay streams, original shows, videos, guides, hints and more.

As well as the millions of gamers visiting the site, GameSpot also has one of the world's most active gaming communities, with more than 20 million social followers across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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GameSpot joined the Red Ventures platform in 2020.

Gamespot's network of journalists and games industry experts have a reputation for best-in-class content. Combined with Red Ventures’ digital marketing, technology, and data science capabilities, GameSpot helps millions of people discover information and seamlessly make important decisions.

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