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Uswitch helps customers get more of what matters to them on their mobile, broadband and energy.

Launched in 2000, Uswitch is the UK’s leading site for switching home services, with expertise respected by both consumers and suppliers. The brand helped open up competition in the energy market, giving smaller providers the chance to compete alongside the more established and better known providers.

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In 2018, Uswitch joined the Red Ventures platform and a new family of brands was formed in Europe, called RVU.

"Before that, Uswitch has helped consumers get more of what they want for over 20 years, as the UK’s top comparison site for home services switching. To date we have saved consumers over £2.5 billion off their energy bills, plus more for their broadband and mobile bills through helping them switch providers."

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We’re always looking for digital marketers, engineers and product experts to help people get more of what they want, by making switching easy and simpler.

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