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RV Businesses

RV Businesses

Unlocking Potential

The Red Ventures portfolio includes distinct businesses that help people and partners in high-intent industries. Some are international arms of Red Ventures, while some began as RV verticals that grew to operate independently. Each business is an investment in a unique mission, but everything under the Red Ventures umbrella shares one ultimate goal: helping people make life’s most important decisions.

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Founded in 2018, RVU is a global group of online brands that work to empower consumers by helping them compare home services, insurance and other financial products.

We formed in May 2018 when Silverlake, a US private equity firm, and Red Ventures acquired ZPG in the UK. Uswitch, Money and came together with a new identity but a long legacy - Uswitch celebrated its 20th birthday in 2020. With offices across the UK, we have the power to reach millions of consumers around the world, solving everyday complex problems through outstanding experiences.

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RV Brazil

Red Ventures Brazil is a true startup in the financial center of São Paulo. With innovative brands like Onze and iq, we’re helping millions of Brazilians “uncomplicate” their financial futures.

Red Digital

Red Digital is the oldest and the newest vertical under the larger RV umbrella. An AI-powered marketing solutions business that’s spun out of our legacy platform, we help global brands attract and acquire their most valuable customers by improving all aspects of the customer journey – from initial impression to product activation. We’re continuing to evolve more than 20 years of expertise while unlocking new opportunities for Partners within our proprietary media and distribution network.

Performance Media Acceleration

We maximize efficiency by combining our AI-driven paid media bidding platform with high-velocity, targeted creative testing.

Customer Journey Optimization

We connect with high-intent customers across multiple channels with streamlined, personalized, end-to-end digital experiences.

Proprietary Media & Distribution Network

We’re integrated with the larger RV portfolio, making up one of the largest media networks for high-intent traffic in the US.

RV Education

In 2019, Red Ventures entered the education sector by acquiring, a portfolio of brands created to help students find online degrees and courses.

Today, RV Education includes 50+ brands, affiliates and the largest organic marketplace for education in the U.S. We partner with 200+ schools to offer students optionality to find and compare more than 500 programs across all degree types. Our newest endeavor, Lantern, aspires to change the way people explore new career paths.

RV Health

RV Health is a Red Ventures business that helps more than 90MM unique visitors monthly live their strongest and healthiest lives.

The RV Health portfolio includes,,,, and RV Health has the largest consumer health and wellness audience online, and employs more than 500 people across San Francisco, New York City, Charlotte, Detroit and more.

Sage Mortgages

Sage Mortgage is a homegrown Red Ventures endeavor that began in early 2020. Born from a small-but-mighty team composed of mortgage industry veterans and tech gurus, Sage has built a fully-operational digital brokerage that consistently outperforms giants in the home financing space.

In just over a year, Sage expanded to 19 states, became a Top 10 Advertiser on Bankrate, and saved countless borrowers hundreds of dollars on their monthly mortgage cost.

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