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We believe companies should be forces for good.

Our top philanthropic priority is creating access to college, workforce training, and sustainable careers for historically marginalized groups who are underrepresented in high-earning STEM fields.

Our work to incubate nontraditional talent pipelines began in 2013. Today, those efforts have spun off two nonprofits that have supported more than 1300 young people on their paths to higher education and career placement.

Note from CEO Ric Elias: Finding our "why."

“Ten years ago I had a shocking conversation with a family friend and high school senior, who was graduating at the top of his class. When I asked where he’d be attending college, I learned that he would not be going to college due to barriers he faced as an undocumented student. I was appalled and also embarrassed that I did not know more about the issue.

I have always believed that hard work should be met with opportunity, and the reality that this boy was paying the ultimate price – his future – for circumstances that were beyond his control just didn’t sit right with me. I wasn’t alone. After sharing this with a few teammates at Red Ventures, we decided to get more educated and get to work.”

- Ric

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Where we began

In 2013 we started a nonprofit called Golden Door Scholars (GDS), and in partnership with several universities in the southeast, awarded 13 exceptional DACA students who did not qualify for federal financial aid or in-state tuition full scholarships to four-year colleges. Since then, GDS has interviewed more than 5,000 exceptional Dreamers and awarded 551 full scholarships.

Along the way, RV also has launched a number of economic justice programs which now make up the Road to Hire (R2H) portfolio. We’ve grown from a small group of volunteers into a team of leaders, program managers, and instructors who are entirely committed to this important work.

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Road to Hire

Meet Our Team

Kacey Grantham Headshot

R2H Executive Director

Kacey Grantham

Allen Davis Headshot

R2H Program Manager

Allen Davis

Karely Avila Headshot

R2H Coordinator (and GDS grad!)

Karely Avila

Pathways to Success

Road to Hire is a portfolio of education and employment justice programs.

Each program connects under-resourced young adults from marginalized communities with onramps to life-changing careers through access to paid training, college, and mentorship. In 2021, Road to Hire expanded its apprenticeship programs to talent hubs in Richmond, Atlanta, and Austin - connecting even more young adults with opportunities and high-earning jobs.

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  • 1,200 young people have invested in their futures with Road to Hire.
  • 350+ RVers actively volunteer with R2H as mentors, instructors, and other support.
  • 295 R2H Alumni have been hired by top employers in the Charlotte area.
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Extending Hope

Golden Door Scholars lights the way for undocumented students.

In the last few years, GDS has expanded to become a national scholarship and now partners with some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the U.S, helping hundreds of students achieve career goals beyond what they imagined possible.

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  • 551 students have been awarded +$12M in scholarships from RV and CEO Ric Elias.
  • 115+ GDS alumni are working in tech and business at top companies like Apple, Accenture, RV, and others.
  • 24 GDS alumni have also gone on to study toward master's degrees and PhDs at Duke, Columbia, Berkeley, and more.

RV Mentors

Lifting as we climb is core to who we are as a company, and we provide opportunities for employees to “leave the woodpile higher than they found it” as part of their daily roles. Currently, more than 600 RVers are active volunteers with Road to Hire as technical mentors, life mentors, instructors, and more.

See it in Action
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Paying It Forward

"Be the mentor you wish you had. Being a part of Road To Hire gives you an opportunity to be one and leave an impact on students. It’s like being a catalyst in their journey. There is nothing like the joy you feel when they start doing incredible things in their life. That feeling is priceless.”


RV Associate Software Engineer & R2H Mentor

We're Growing

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From employer partners helping us meet hard work with opportunity, to mentors walking alongside students as they navigate new stages of their lives and careers - we believe this is the work of our lifetimes, and our growing community is what makes it all possible.


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