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What We Do

Better end-to end digital

Red Ventures is a portfolio of brands and digital platforms that improves every aspect of the consumer journey, helping people make better decisions while unleashing transformative growth for our businesses and partners.

Employees on stage

A dual approach

There are two sides of our business, both aimed at improving every step of the consumer journey - from first discovery of information, throughout the decision-making process, and through transactions.

Shaan Dadlani

We own and operate a growing portfolio of digital media brands.

Our teams of journalists and industry experts publish world-class content and build loyal audiences, where editorial integrity is key.

Maisha Johnson

We are a performance marketing partner to leading brands.

Our transactional websites and sales professionals provide seamless buying experiences tailored to people's needs.

Connecting the dots

Everything we do is powered by our world-class platform of technology, data and deep digital expertise.


Our experts at brands like CNET, Healthline, Bankrate, Lonely Planet, The Points Guy, and publish premium content that helps people get informed and make better purchasing decisions.


Our product designers, engineers, and sales teams build marketplaces & tools that help people get informed, compare their options, and buy when they’re ready.


We’re deeply integrated with some of the world’s biggest brands, enabling them to meet customers’ needs at every touchpoint, across digital channels, and with the right engagement mechanisms.


Our data scientists, creatives, and engineers build digital decision engines that anticipate what people want and provide seamless, personalized experiences to meet their needs.


Our marketing teams are constantly experimenting with creative strategies to unleash potential in paid search, paid social, SEO, e-mail, and new marketing channels.

Data Science
& Analytics

We use advanced machine learning, statistical modeling, and optimization techniques to help consumers discover relevant information and to amplify insights across businesses and industries.

It's not one size fits all

How we build seamless digital experiences

How we build new digital brands from scratch