RV: Challenge What’s Possible (3/4)

1 year ago

Did That Really Happen? (#3)

At Red Ventures, we think it’s fun to challenge what’s possible and do bold things – fast. We believe in doing everything we can to positively alter the trajectory of the lives and careers of those we touch, and that our ultimate purpose is to empower our employees to be the authors of who we will be.

For that reason, we asked real RV employees to share some of the most meaningful experiences they’ve had in their careers and the truly incredible things they’ve accomplished so far.


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Behind the Video

We know what you’re thinking – “Wait. Did all of that really happen?” (It did.) Here’s a closer look at the people and stories in the video:


“I moved to Brazil for 10 months and launched our first international office.”

Who said it? Christina Wells, Director

Really? Yep. In 2015, we kicked off our international expansion in Sao Paulo Brazil and sent two up-and-coming RV leaders down there to join Carlos (President of RV Brazil) for the launch. When they arrived in Brazil, they had no office and no place to live. They didn’t speak a word of Portuguese, they hadn’t yet signed the contract on our first business partner, and no one south of the equator had ever heard of the name “Red Ventures.”

Luckily, we caught all of it on film. Christina and Ricky recorded their experiences in a series called “RV Brazil Diaries,” which you can watch below. See what happens when people stop being polite start a new life in a new country and work together to build an international business from scratch – 5,000 miles from home:




“I performed a hula hoop routine in front of 900 of my coworkers in Mexico.”

Who said it? Karl Edinger, Associate

What’s it mean? As you know, once a year we charter a couple of jets and fly the company down to Mexico. Last year we put on a legendary talent show in which Karl hula hooped – and juggled 3 apples – in front of 900 people (flawlessly). Here’s proof:



“I built a robot that solves jigsaw puzzles. On company time.”

Who said it? John Thomas, Vice President – Data Science

What’s he talking about? Another annual event around here is the RV Hackathon, where teams of engineers chug Red Bulls, demolish piles of candy and build something awesome in 24 hours. Typically, teams are required to build something applicable to the RV business model. Last year, we opened up the rules so that teams could build anything they could think of, as long as it used one of four emerging technologies (including artificial intelligence). Obviously, the data science team had fun with that. 

Want more? Check back TOMORROW for our last post in this series, or go back and watch that previously unreleased Company Trip Video footage again. (You know you want to.)

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