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Inspired Blog90 Days In – Transitioning to RV

Starting a new job during a pandemic can be both difficult and stressful – in fact, it may even feel this way without a pandemic! Luckily, with the help of a great onboarding team and some friendly coworkers, the change can become a little easier. We spoke with eight new Red Ventures employees from varying roles and seniority levels to see how their first 90 days into their new RV roles have gone – and even gathered a few of their top tips for job seekers. Keep reading to learn more about their experiences! 

Culture and Community Commitment Are Driving Forces

When asking our new teammates about what drove them to work at Red Ventures, an overwhelming theme of wanting to be part of a great culture and having an impact on the community became clear. “I was drawn to RV by the commitment to leaving the woodpile higher than we found it,” says Adrian Cross, Senior Learning Product Manager, referring to our company-wide belief statements.

Senior Recruiter Wes Wethington shares, “I think what pushed me over the line was hearing about all the diversity and inclusion work that was happening here and being encouraged to jump in and be a part of this work.”

For Recruiting Coordinator Maria Espinosa, a company with strong core values was a must: “Company culture, DEI efforts, community outreach and growth opportunities are very important to me, all of which drew me to Red Ventures.” 

People Come First – Always!

We hire employees from a range of backgrounds, industries and career paths… and what usually surprises them most? RV’s open-minded, socially conscious and welcome nature. Rashawn Stewart, Associate HR Business Partner, explains, “The focus on us employees on a personal level was most surprising. Working in hospitality, I was used to a 24-hour industry that did not focus on life outside of work. Being at RV and witnessing the company’s attention to mental health, work-life flexibility and ‘recharge days’ is AMAZING. It helps me bring my best self to work!”

Other employees were empowered by RV’s approachable leadership team and its deep commitment to driving a strong, unified corporate culture. “I remember joining the first All-Employee Meeting and saying to myself, ‘Is that Ric? Like the owner of the company, Ric?’” recalls Donna Gentles, Technology Recruiter. “I was very surprised and impressed by the accessibility of senior leadership and how the culture is driven from the top down.”

Despite the fast-paced and success-driven environment that Red Ventures operates in, there is always time to reach out to a coworker to check in or just share a laugh. HR Business Partner Nick Alberino shares, “No matter how busy or serious our work is, we always make time to have fun.” 

Staying Connected to Coworkers – Even In a Pandemic

It’s fair to say that one of the most challenging aspects of transitioning into a new job during the pandemic is not getting as much face-to-face interaction with the people you’ll be working with daily. Despite this challenge, employees have stated that their positive relationships with coworkers are the most enjoyable parts of their new roles – even remotely. Raj Maharaja, Senior Talent Acquisition Sourcer, says having great team members to work with is his favorite part about his new role, despite everyone working from home.

For Thomas Miller, an HR Business Partner on our RV Health team, it’s the support that he feels from his teammates and leaders every day. “Both my immediate team and other leaders have been supportive of taking a creative approach to solving problems and providing the right resources to set me up for success. Since day one, I’ve felt like I’ve been able to make a big impact for our team!” says Tom.

Donna shared the impact her teammates have had on her first 90 days with Red Ventures: “Every single person that I’ve encountered at RV has been positive, uplifting and helpful. There’s no such thing as a stupid question here. Being new to an organization can be intimidating, but the culture at RV is one where I’m not afraid to ask questions or simply admit, ‘I don’t know.’ Having the ability to be my authentic self has helped my transition into this role 1000%.”

Looking to transition into a role here? Here’s some advice from our newest teammates.

Raj, Senior Talent Acquisition Sourcer: Join RV if you are looking for long-term career growth and want to make an impact on a wide scope.

Maria, Recruiting Coordinator: Really think about what is important to you and what you need to succeed. From there, do some research about RV and how the company meets those needs.

Adrian, Senior Learning Product Manager: Make a list of what you value in a workplace and in a team. If your values are working hard, playing hard, learning a LOT, and continuously striving for excellence… then RV sounds like the place for you.

Wes, Senior Recruiter: Read what you can on how Red Ventures is growing. If you are connected with someone here, ask all the questions. And if you are genuinely ready to make an impact and be brought along for growth, this is the place for you.

Nick, HR Business Partner: This is truly a fantastic place with amazing people. My advice would be to consider the impact you will have by joining a company who will push you out of your comfort zone, and give you opportunities to make a difference.

Thomas, HR Business Partner: Make sure to apply and reach out to our team to learn more about who we are and what we do. For me, talking to other employees only reassured me of what a great place Red Ventures is to work. I can see this not only being a job, but a career!

Donna, Technology Recruiter: What are you waiting for?! Like SERIOUSLY!

Rashawn, Associate HR Business Partner: Be a sponge, ask questions and build strong relationships with your teammates.

Feel like RV is the place for your next big career step? Check out our open positions!

About the Author:
McKayla Hernandez

McKayla Hernandez works on RV's Corporate Communications team. She previously worked in Corporate Comms for the Charlotte Hornets, publicizing all off-court activities (partnerships, corporate social responsibility, etc.). You'll find McKayla at the newest restaurants taking cool pics for her food blog, planning her next weekend trip abroad or brainstorming new ways to make RV stand out in the media.

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