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Inspired BlogAmerican Mathematical Society Feature: RV Data Scientist on Starting Your Career

We think our employees are pretty rad – there’s no data-bout it!

But seriously — our employees do some incredible work, and we’re amazed by their talents day in and day out. So when we heard that RV Principal Data Scientist Joe Tenini wrote an article for Notices of the American Mathematical Society, we didn’t bat an eye (but we did leap for joy, blow on small kazoos, and shed a couple tears of pride). And naturally, we want everyone to check out his amazing content!

That’s Joe!

If you’re considering a career in data science, Joe’s article is a must-read. He shares his own path to data science (spoiler alert — it wasn’t a path he expected) and presents five questions every aspiring data scientist should be able to answer for themselves about their new career.

Check out this preview:

“… I didn’t grow up dreaming of being a data scientist wading
through piles of messy data, trying to figure out how these
eight lines of code could be so confusing, and casually
asking life’s eternal question: ‘how early is too early to
start lunch?’ I didn’t grow up dreaming about being a data
scientist because that wasn’t really a job when I was a kid.
It’s also quite likely that the job I’ll be doing in twenty years
does not exist now. So what can we do in times of such
rapid change? How can we prepare ourselves for a career
leveraging our technical skills outside of academia?”

Read Joe’s full article from the Notices of the American Mathematical Society here, and if you’re eyeing a career in data science, take a peek at our openings around the globe!

Looking to start a career in data science? Learn more here:

* First published in Notices of the American Mathematical Society in April 2021, published by American Mathematical Society. © Copyright 2021, American Mathematical Society

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Sarah Harris | Communications Strategist
Sarah Harris

Sarah joined the Red Ventures creative team in 2018 after graduating from North Carolina State University. (GO PACK!) When she isn't whipping up killer content for the Corporate Communications team, she can be found posting pictures of the many frogs that live around the Charlotte campus (there are like, a lot).

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