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Inspired BlogContent Roundup | How our Brands are Celebrating Earth Day

Today we celebrate Earth Day — thank you, Mother Earth! To help you celebrate today (and every day), here are actionable tips from our brands to help you improve sustainability in your home, health, wealth, and education. Happy learning!

CNET: According to their interview with famed primatologist Jane Goodall, it was our mistreatment of animals and the environment that paved the way for COVID-19. “If we don’t learn from this lesson that we should try to protect the natural world, there will be another pandemic. This one was predicted ages ago… but no one paid any attention. This time I hope we will.” For more – check out their entire hub of Sustainability Hacks here – including how to make your own eco-friendly laundry detergent with only three ingredients.

Best Colleges: Looking for ways to live more sustainably and get involved in climate change action? If you’re in college (or not) there are simple things you can do such as turning lights out when you leave a room or wash your clothes with cold water. Read more tips here.

Greatist: Turns out, kicking off your shoes and literally connecting with Mother Earth has health benefits, such as boosting immunity, regulating sleep, and reducing stress. From laying in the grass to swimming in the ocean, the opportunities are endless … even indoors.

Bankrate: Look for money-making opportunities that can reward you for sustainable decisions, like investing in individual companies who are making environmental, social, and governance (ESG) a priority; or utilizing a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund with a pre-packaged group of securities. Here’s how.

About the Author:
Ruth Russell | Associate Creative Producer
Ruth Russell

Ruth joined Red Ventures in 2016 as a Sales Professional and quickly transitioned to our nonprofit team, Road to Hire. She spent three years developing her social media and design skills and now works on the Corp Comm team running all of RV's social media platforms. She also has two cats.

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