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Inspired BlogDay in the Life: RV Recruiting

I hike up Mount Everest – I mean climb the RV3 stairs – to my desk around 8:45 AM every morning. Anyone who works on the upper levels of RV will tell you that the daily climb is a great way to wake up.

The early birds of our team will already be in the office, and the rest of our team will shuffle in over the next fifteen minutes. One of my favorite things about Red Ventures is that the culture doesn’t allow for the rat race. It’s not about how many hours you work – it’s about how meaningful the work you’re doing is to your team. Whether you walk in at 7:00 AM or 9:30 AM, no one minds as long as you’re performing.

The first thing I do every morning is spend some time catching up with my teammates (about things totally unrelated to work). Then I grab my first cup of coffee from the Keurig in our break area (I strongly believe that coffee is the key to much of Red Ventures’ success). Next I settle in, check my email, and spend a little TLC time with my calendar.

As the Technical Recruiting Coordinator, I’m responsible for scheduling all onsite interviews for our creative, IT operations, data science and engineering teams. For our technical recruiters, we have anywhere from 7-10 candidates onsite every week, so my calendar often looks like an advanced game of Tetris. (Luckily for Red Ventures, I have long been a master of Tetris).

Pictured: On the left, my Tetris calendar. On the right… just Tetris.

My average day includes screening resumes, conducting phone interviews, and touring candidates around campus (pointing at dashboards and other cool things like I’m Vanna White). I also manage the onboarding process for our sales support new hires, and I help my team find top talent by strategically sourcing candidates for high-need positions.

Though my main priority is ensuring that our candidates have an awesome experience throughout our hiring process, I also have a hand in many other aspects of recruiting at Red Ventures, a large portion of which I had zero experience doing 7 months ago when I started at RV.

One of my favorite things about Red Ventures is that when you walk in the door, you aren’t asked to accept the status quo – you’re asked to challenge it. You’re asked to challenge the process, challenge the policy, and challenge your team. You learn to look at the way we do things and go beyond asking “does this work?” Instead, we ask, “how can this be better?”

After a full day of schedules and interviews, I typically wrap up my day around 6:00 PM. To make the next morning as stress free as possible, I finalize my to-do list, take one last loving look at my Tetris themed calendar, and shut my computer down (aren’t you proud, IT?).

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Aside from the close proximity to fresh-baked cookies every day, the thing I enjoy most is the relationships I’ve built with my coworkers. It seems like I learn something new about someone here every single day, and it’s usually something insanely interesting and cool. 

Q: What advice would you give someone thinking about joining Red Ventures?

I have two pieces of advice for people who are thinking about applying to Red Ventures. First: Do your research. Beyond the surface attractions like the basketball court and yoga studio, we work incredibly hard here. The work is challenging and our pace is fast. That kind of environment isn’t for everyone – so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you apply.

Second: Invest some time in personalizing your resume and your cover letter to Red Ventures before submitting your application. We see hundreds of resumes a day. It’s incredibly important to find some way to stand out from the rest and make yourself noticed.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

I can’t say it enough: The secret to success at Red Ventures is to challenge everything. Challenge processes. Challenge people. Challenge yourself. The growth potential in this company is crazy.

When I first started, it would take me a solid twenty minutes to review a single resume, and the idea of making small talk with a stranger made me feel dizzy. But I knew I had an opportunity to learn as I went, to make big decisions and to have a real impact – both on the business and on people’s lives. And I was trusted to do it! Of course I failed sometimes (I still do), but I know for a fact that I’ve grown more in my seven months here at RV than I have in my career so far.

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About the Author:
Jordan Byrd | Human Resources Generalist
Jordan Byrd

Jordan joined Red Ventures in May 2016 after graduating from NC State. Outside of work, you can find her reading a book or hiking somewhere deep in the woods. If you spot her at the animal shelter, please remove her to a safe place where she can’t accidentally adopt puppies.

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