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Inspired BlogEmpowered Feature: Brittany Dunlap-Chisholm

Empowered — RV’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) for women — strives to foster a community that inspires, supports, empowers, and educates all women-identifying folks and allies of all gender identities. And one of our favorite ways to inspire and empower our community is simply by sharing the wisdom of the amazing RV women we get to work with every day.

On this month’s Empowered leaders feature, we hear from MYMOVE digital lead and director Brittany Dunlap-Chisholm. We discuss her career journey, her hacks for staying focused, and the peaks and pitfalls of her full life beyond her role. Check out her conversation with copyeditor Victoria Lurie below.

Victoria Lurie: In addition to your job as a director on MYMOVE, what are you balancing right now? 

Brittany Dunlap-Chisholm: A few things. I launched a new business – a beauty supply store – in January in Durham, NC and am getting adjusted to my role. In addition, I am the cook, shopper, cleaner, and organizer of my house (like most people), so that alone sometimes feels like a full-time job. 

For work, I am still active in DE&I efforts, although I am no longer the chair of an ERG. (Editor’s note: Dunlap-Chisholm formerly chaired the employee resource group The Bridge.) I have been working within the RV Home DE&I and Community Involvement group. 

VL: With everything you’re juggling, what keeps you focused?

B D-C: I am one of those people that once I share with anyone else “this is what I’m doing,” I have to  get it done. So having a to-do list and a whiteboard with my weekly prios ensures that I continue to make progress. 

VL: Tell me about a time you chose yourself. 

B D-C: I’ll be honest, this question is a bit tough for me because I am often a person that does not naturally choose myself. Just last night, I picked up a friend from the airport at midnight on a Monday! 

So I will answer the question in the future tense: I plan to simply utilize the word “No.” Sometimes people reach out to me for things because they know I will get it done, even when there are other people that are better suited. This year, I plan to simply say “no” when I have made plans with myself. Trying this out starting Feb 1st – so wish me luck! 

VL: Has anyone pivotally shaped your career journey? 

B D-C: I would say Stefan Valley (Vertical Lead of RV Home). When working on his team in 2016, he sat me down and said “which path are you interested in going down, project management or analyst?” Honestly, that one conversation legit changed the trajectory of my career! I have been in this path over the past four years and I attribute that initial shift to Stefan. 

VL: Now for some fun questions!

The last movie you watched all of 

The Blind Side – My absolute favorite movie of all time. I love a good comeback story! Plus, Michael Oher played for the Panthers too, so another great connection point. 

Name a food you love that people always give you grief for liking 

Pizza! I can legit eat pizza every day, from any brand, frozen or fresh. 

Your go-to card game, boardgame, or video game

Game is solitaire now. I can play it for hours on my phone. I’d like to think it’s sharpening my brain. 

If you got to go back and relive a single moment of your life (with your current memories of what happens intact) which moment would you pick? 

Not to make this sad, but the last moment I had with my grandmother. She hugged me and said “see you Sunday,” and I think I gave her a quick hug but I wish I could go back in time and give her a hug that would last a lifetime. 

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About the Author:
Victoria Lurie

Victoria joined Red Ventures as an editor in 2019. Most of her content was for the Christopher Newport University student paper, but you can find her byline scattered across the ether on MYMOVE,, and what remains of The Simple Dollar. In her free time she does standup comedy.

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