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Inspired BlogGET HIRED: Navigating the Job Offer

In this series, our talent team shares personal insight into the hiring process – from perfecting your resume to negotiating that sweet, sweet job offer. 
Get inspired, and Get Hired!

Last step! You’ve made it through the gauntlet of resume screens, phone screens, and you absolutely crushed your onsite interview. Here are three steps to take before your new start.

1. Evaluate the Offer


Money isn’t everything, but it IS important that your salary offer is aligned with your expectations – and fair, given the value you’ll add to the organization. There are lots of online tools you can use to better understand compensation trends given your title, location, and past experience. But keep it all in perspective. While these tools serve as a solid baseline, it’s more important to get a clear understanding of opportunities for upward mobility within the company itself.


In addition to your salary, make sure the benefits you’re being offered meet your (or your family’s) needs – and that you thoroughly understand what’s being offered. Don’t hesitate to ask for more details. Your recruiter can always put you in touch with someone on the HR team.


If you have questions about the specifics of your new job, ask to speak with an employee who is already in your role (or a role with similar responsibilities). This will give you a better picture of your day-to-day, plus more personal insight into the experience. Likewise, if accepting the offer means you’ll have to move to a new city, ask to speak with a new hire who has recently made the move. They may be able to ease your concerns about relocation – and give you some helpful tips to boot.

2. Negotiate Accordingly

Don’t negotiate just to negotiate. Do thorough research to ensure the offer is competitive with today’s job market and aligned with your experience. If you do need to negotiate, base your negotiation on data.

It’s always best to have this conversation with the recruiter personally – you’ll have a more productive, meaningful conversation on the phone than via email. Be courteous (not demanding), and explain your reasoning behind the negotiation. 

3. Make Your Decision

If you are happy with the job offer, formally accept by the agreed upon date. Don’t be afraid to ask for extra time if you need an extension. Whatever you do, don’t go radio silent! 

After you’ve signed your offer letter, follow up with the recruiter (via email or phone call) to let them know of your acceptance. Don’t forget your ‘Thank You’s!’

If you decide to not accept the offer: 

  • Be transparent. Tell the recruiter why you’ve chosen to decline. Companies are always eager to hear feedback to improve their process going forward.
  • Be respectful. If you know that you’re going to decline, let the recruiter know in a timely manner so the company can continue to work on filling the open position. This saves everyone’s time, including yours!
  • Be appreciative. Thank the company (and others involved) for their time. It’s always smart to end on good terms in case another opportunity presents itself down the road. Plus, it’s the nice thing to do.

BONUS: Victory Dance

A smooth offer process will start you out on the right foot at a new company, so take it seriously. Utilize the recruiter as much as you can – after all, we’re here to make this process easier for you!

You’ve made it to the end of our GET HIRED series, which means you have a show-stopping resume, exclusive insight into our interview process, and interview tips straight from our recruiting team. Want to test your skills NOW? 

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About the Author:
Annie Greene | Senior Recruiter
Annie Greene

Senior Recruiter at RV focusing on bringing in the world's best digital talent!

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