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Inspired BlogHow Our Brands are Helping Consumers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a global crisis unlike anything most of us have ever seen before. The public health emergency has triggered a massive economic fallout and turned many people’s lives upside down in a matter of months.

To help consumers navigate this strange and often stressful new reality, Red Ventures brand teams have been working around the clock to provide support and much-needed optimism to our audiences all over the world. From topics of virtual healthcare to financial concerns to travel safety, our teams are creating quality tools, content and resources to help people make the best choices for themselves and their families.

We checked in with a few RV leaders to learn more about these resources, and find out how their teams have pivoted to help consumers stay well in all aspects of their lives.


Erin Petersen | Editor in Chief, Healthline

At Healthline, the number one health information website in the U.S., helping people navigate their health is second nature. And right now, people have a lot of health-related questions. According to Erin Petersen, the brand’s editor in chief, Healthline’s content approach has shifted over the course of the year to best match its readers’ inquiries.

“The Healthline News team began covering COVID-19 back in January, distilling the global health news and reports and translating that into ‘need-to-know’ information for our U.S. audience.” says Erin.

“As COVID-19 spread, our content approach evolved. Content teams across our organization pivoted to help address the pressing needs of our readers. To provide clarity, we focused on topics like symptoms, when and how to contact a doctor, risk factors and prevention, as well as providing real-time updates on breaking news.”

As the pandemic has evolved, though, the team has pivoted yet again. Right now, they’re focused on “utilitarian” content — how people can manage their lives alongside the pandemic, as well as a nuanced focus on mental health and even a bit of levity.

“My team is, like everyone else, feeling the impact of the pandemic in a variety of ways. But more often than not, what I hear from these editors is the amount of pride and gratification they get from the work we do at Healthline, especially as it relates to COVID,” says Erin.


Lance Davis | Editorial Director, Bankrate

The team at Bankrate–one of the world’s foremost authorities on personal finance–wasted no time in developing resources to help consumers navigate the financial implications of these difficult times.

With unemployment on the rise and business closures still in place, consumers are wary of their wallets now more than ever. The Bankrate team has been keeping a close watch on the global economy to help its readers make informed decisions about their personal finances.

The team has written more than 100 coronavirus articles, which have garnered more than four million views. The team also launched the “Ask Bankrate” mailbag and webinar, providing two opportunities for readers to get personalized answers from Bankrate’s experts.

Lance Davis, Bankrate’s editorial director, is inspired by the strength and resiliency of his team. He loves how the Bankrate crew has mobilized around the mission of helping its audience during this immensely challenging time — even as the entire team began to work remotely and navigate their own unique challenges presented by the pandemic.

“True to RV form, that proved that our ability to adapt is among our greatest strengths,” says Lance.


Scott Mayerowitz | Executive Editorial Director, The Points Guy

As travelers have nervously awaited news of trip cancellations or fretted over long-awaited vacation plans, the team at The Points Guy has worked tirelessly to help readers with their pressing travel and credit card questions. Executive editorial director Scott Mayerowitz says the initial travel shutdown raised a lot of concerns, but that people are beginning to eyeball their suitcases once more.

“At the very start, we were extremely busy helping people figure out how to cancel flights, hotels and cruises and how to figure out how to fight for cash refunds instead of vouchers for future travel,” says Scott. “There was a lot of confusion and the rules were changing daily. We’ve now mostly switched out of the cancellation mindset and are getting into a period where our readers are thinking about getting on the road again.”

“The decision to travel now or wait is a very personal one.”

To help readers make this decision, the team at TPG has been providing all the details about which states and countries are open to visitors, along with the various quarantine and testing rules for tourists. The team has also produced new travel credit card content to help people maximize their spending and earn points and miles for their next trip, whenever that may be.

Despite the difficulties in the travel industry at present, Scott says the TPG team has continued to be a positive force for each other and for their readers. While that team normally spends weeks on the road every year, they are finding themselves (mostly) writing from home, all while trying to understand and share this new reality.

“Their stories are still inspiring people,” says Scott.

Where to Find Our Brands’ Resources

Bankrate has launched a hub for all of its coronavirus-related financial content. There, you can find information on banks and lenders offering help to consumers, how to make sure your deposits are insured and safe at the bank, advice for how to find a job and more.

Healthline has also launched a coronavirus content hub, complete with daily pandemic updates, social distancing tips, mental health resources and more. To receive health information straight into your inbox, sign up for any of their wellbeing newsletters.

You’ll also want to sign up for The Points Guy’s daily newsletter to get regular updates on everything you need to know in the travel space. But if there’s any article on the TPG site you should read right now, it’s this one about why you’re entitled to a refund even if the airline says you aren’t.

COVID-19 might’ve changed where we work, but it hasn’t changed how or why. Learn more about how we’re adapting to our new virtual realities.

About the Author:
Samantha Rosen | Editor at NextAdvisor
Samantha Rosen

Samantha Rosen is an Editor at NextAdvisor. She was one of the first 20 employees at The Points Guy, holding the title of the first-ever full-time Social Media Editor, and then Lifestyle Editor. She previously held titles as Assistant Managing Editor at Odyssey, a digital content startup, as well as Marketing and Communications Assistant at Proskauer Rose LLP. You'll find her with an iPhone in hand, probably laughing at her own jokes, and thinking of content she can create that helps people live their lives better.

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