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As a recruiter, I answer a lot of questions. But there’s one question in particular that I’m asked most often: “What sets Red Ventures apart from other companies?” That answer changes every day, depending on what awesome project, product, acquisition, or social impact initiative we’re working on. However, there’s one sentiment that never changes:

We believe in surrounding ourselves with great people to work with. 

Our SEO team is stacked with smart, passionate people who are constantly finding new ways to unleash transformative, organic digital growth for our businesses. But don’t take it from me. Here’s the inside scoop from the RV SEO team about what sets our team apart from the rest.

Mitchell Abdullah | SEO Lead, 

My name is Mitchell Abdullah, but everyone calls me Mitch. I’ve been working in digital marketing for just over ten years, at a wide variety of companies including large international corporations, marketing agencies, media organizations, SaaS companies, ecommerce retailers, startups, and more. Ultimately, I landed at Red Ventures and have been here for the past four months. 

Jamey Barlow | Director of SEO, Banking 

My name is Jamey Barlow, and I am the Director of SEO for our Banking team. I’ve been practicing SEO for more than 13 years on just about every vertical imaginable and on everything from mom-and-pop websites to multinational enterprise domains. I’ve been at Red Ventures for more than 1 year. 

What’s different about SEO at Red Ventures?

Mitch: Moving over to RV was an easy decision for me for two reasons: 1) The amount of proprietary marketing technology we use to create unique experiences and 2) The size and scale of the many web assets that RV holds. Here, I have the opportunity to work on major websites that are backed up with major technical investments.

Jamey: Coming from an agency, I loved the fast pace of marketing work. But it was frustrating when clients chose not to implement my recommendations, (or worse –  implemented them incorrectly). At Red Ventures, we move at that same rapid pace, but we work on our own properties and can see projects through to fruition. We have full ownership of our businesses, and our teams work in lockstep across all functions.

What’s the culture like at RV?

Mitch: RV’s culture and environment have aligned directly with what I was looking for in a new role. Our SEO team is made up of professionals from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, and everyone is eager to share their findings. RV has a casual workplace environment, but we work at a quick pace. It keeps things exciting!

Jamey: Red Ventures is fundamentally a learning organization. I’ve been with companies that say they value training and personal development, but don’t give employees the time or resources to truly invest in their teams. At RV, we are determined to get smarter together, and we know that the moment we stop learning is when we’ll begin to fail. 

Live. Laugh. Learn.

More specifically, on the SEO team we’re always finding innovative and proprietary ways to pull together disparate data – so we can spend less time gathering information and more time working on strategies and solutions.

What advice do you have for someone interested in joining RV’s SEO team?

Jamey: If you are feeling stuck in a stale routine and wish to be challenged, look into Red Ventures. We are defiant in the face of “business as usual.” We are focused on real and measurable business impact, and we are looking for teachers and learners at all levels to join the team.

Mitch: Since coming to RV, I’ve adopted new processes for my work, learned entirely new concepts, and been challenged to question everything for a deeper understanding. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge within digital marketing and SEO (regardless of your degree of experience) Red Ventures is the place to be .

Working with great people like Mitch and Jamey means you’ll spend as much time learning as you do teaching. If you feel like you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s time for a new room. Red Ventures is hiring for SEO talent at all levels. Check out open positions and apply at 

About the Author:
Savannah Barnes | Recruiter, Digital Marketing
Savannah Barnes

Savannah Barnes is a Recruiter for our Digital Recruiting team in Charlotte, NC. While she started her career in teaching, she got into recruiting by accident and hasn't turned back since. She loves connecting with people to help find their next career move and has worked cross-functionally with many teams to level-up their talent bar. She is known for her knack for suggesting best places to visit around Charlotte. (Need to know which local brewery is best on a Saturday that allows dogs? She's the one to ask!)

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