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Inspired BlogInside RV: Life on the Red Ventures Content Team

At Red Ventures, we believe everything is written in pencil — and no one knows writing better than our expert content team. From researching and reporting on the latest industry news, to collaborating on major website redesigns, there’s nothing our content experts can’t do.

We asked some of our teammates what it’s like to handle all things content at Red Ventures. Here’s what they had to say.

1. There are growth opportunities everywhere.

Kendall, Reporter | New York City: “Being a writer at Red Ventures is different from the other places I’ve worked because of how much I’ve been able to grow and learn, especially from the people around me. There are experts in so many subjects throughout our editorial teams, from personal finance to travel, health and home services. Each person brings different experiences within the industry, or different creative and editorial skill sets to the table that really help strengthen each of our teams and foster a collaborative learning environment that helps everyone thrive.”

Caitlin, Content & Social Media Editor | Austin: “I used to be a copywriter at a financial institution, and there weren’t many opportunities for me to advance my career while still working  in content. That’s not the case at Red Ventures. With so many different brands and a culture of innovation, there are so many opportunities to grow professionally.”

Maria, Junior Reporter | Brazil: “Before I applied for this job, I had trouble adjusting to changes and getting out of my comfort zone. Since Red Ventures (and RV Brazil in particular) is always changing, I’ve learned to adapt a lot and to do my best with the task I have in hand. It’s been two years since I started here, and I believe RV has had a great impact on my personal growth.” 

2. Nobody puts content in a corner.

Please note: We did not put this copywriter in a corner. This is actually a very comfy corner.

At RV, writers have a seat at the table.

Jasmine, Senior Content Strategist | Charlotte

Maria, Junior Reporter | São Paulo: “I believe that people here value my opinions and insights more than in any other place I’ve worked (in internships). Even though I’ve just graduated college, my coworkers and directors take me as seriously – as they would if they were dealing with a senior reporter.”

Jasmine, Senior Content Strategist | Charlotte: “At RV, writers have a seat at the table. In other places I’ve worked, writers are always the afterthought, taught to plug-and-play. As a Content Strategist at RV, I’m a strategic partner of the design process from kickoff to QA. For content-first designs, the content strategy may even steer the entire project.”

3. Innovation is encouraged.

John, Senior Editor | Charlotte: “I come from newspapers, where there is a fairly established order and way of doing things, especially for younger writers and editors just getting started in their careers. At Red Ventures, we are constantly pushed to figure out new and innovative ways to contribute creatively and in the interest of readers.”

Nina, Senior Associate Copywriter | San Juan: “Testing is a thing! The business teams are so into that, it would surprise you. I learned that if I have an idea on how to improve the business, they want to test it out and check to see if it drives a positive outcome. If it doesn’t, that’s okay.

We want to excel and make sure that things are performing well, but there’s always time to iterate and to make things better. Nobody is perfect, and that is okay. Everybody takes their job seriously, but not themselves.”

4. Work is never boring…

Kendall, Reporter | New York City: “My favorite thing about content at RV is how it always feels interesting. Writing about a single subject could easily get tedious. But between my own pitches, news stories, PR surveys, SEO content and all the other projects beyond articles themselves that come our way on editorial, it’s hard for things to ever grow stale. One constant at RV is that there’s always something new just around the corner!”

Caitlin, Content & Social Media Editor | Austin: “Working at RV is never boring: Things are constantly changing. Sometimes this can feel dizzying, but it also fosters innovation.” 

Jasmine, Senior Content Strategist | Charlotte: “I love how much range you have as a creative at RV. You can literally explore being a creative in multiple facets. Even among the writers and designers, we all do slightly different things. That lets me know that I have the flexibility to hone my creative skills and explore new opportunities as I grow in my career.”

Nina, Senior Associate Copywriter | San Juan: “I have been able to switch between teams, brands, and fluid roles. I’ve been a writer, but I’ve also handled social media, photography (one of the things I love the most), and even a complete video — something I was used to having a production house handle in previous jobs.” 

For the perfect writing atmosphere, we recommend plants and oil diffusers.

5. … And the learning never ends.

Kendall, Reporter | New York City: “My secret weapon has been acting like a sponge around everyone I meet and collecting as much knowledge as possible, whether it’s about a different vertical’s editorial process, the latest changes to Google’s algorithm — you name it. I also try to say yes to every opportunity that comes my way. That’s allowed me to meet so many different people across RV, travel to offices across the country, and learn how to be a better writer and team member.” 

I really like the institutional appetite for risk-taking and unconventional ideas… I haven’t experienced a culture like this anywhere else in my career, and it is deeply motivating.

John, Senior Editor | Charlotte

Jasmine, Senior Content Strategist | Charlotte: “Here you’ll have the possibility to always learn something new – not only with your fellow content coworkers, but also with the other teams. So don’t be afraid to ask everything you want to and need to know.”

John, Senior Editor | Charlotte: “I really like the institutional appetite for risk-taking and unconventional ideas. There is always an ability for a writer or editor to conceive and pitch an idea or new way of doing something, which offers tremendous learning potential. If something falls flat, we learn from it and move on. If it works, we figure out why and how to do more of it. I haven’t experienced a culture like this anywhere else in my career, and it is deeply motivating.”

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About the Author:
Sarah Harris | Communications Strategist
Sarah Harris

Sarah joined the Red Ventures creative team in 2018 after graduating from North Carolina State University. (GO PACK!) When she isn't whipping up killer content for the Corporate Communications team, she can be found posting pictures of the many frogs that live around the Charlotte campus (there are like, a lot).

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