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Inspired BlogInside RV: Life on the RV People Operations Team

From Recruiting to Human Resources to Corporate Communications and beyond, our People Operations (or as we fondly refer to them, POPs) teammates work around the clock to attract and source the best talent for our teams, and ensure that every RV employee has a meaningful and satisfying professional experience. This crew supports more than 3,500 colleagues across five continents, but just how do they do it? We asked a few of our “people persons” to spell it out for us.

1. There’s no “I” in “team” …

Alyson Cockerman, Recruiter: I love being on the POPs team at RV because it allows me to help EVERYONE. My whole life my greatest asset was listening to others and being able to give advice. When you work on POPs, you get to help and service those within the organization and see the fruits of your labor day in and day out.

Ami Shukla, Director of Corporate Communications: Every person I’ve met at every level across every team is 100% all-in in ensuring that every RV employee gets an incredible employee experience – and that every day, they can end the day proud to work at and with RV.

Lakisha Williams, Senior Sales Recruiter: I love being part of a team that is passionate about putting together processes that helps us attract, retain, train and engage people from diverse backgrounds.

2. … But there is an “I” in “relationship builder.”

Jami Melbourne, Senior Human Resources Partner: One thing that I have always tried to do, no matter where I work, is getting to know the teams I am working with and building relationships with employees, managers and leaders – really trying to dig in to be the best HR partner I can be!

Will Ayers, Senior Program Manager, People Development: My favorite thing about being on the POPs team is the people I work with. I also enjoy the ability to interact with so many people throughout the company, and the opportunity to have a positive impact on those that I come in contact with.

Alyson, Recruiter: Building relationships has always served me well. When you aren’t sure of the answer, find the person that will help provide insight. Seek mentorship from others that inspire you. Find people who are better than you at something or complement your weaknesses. Use others’ expertise to help you continue to grow your own thoughts and skillset.

Kyle Karner, Senior Workday Configuration Specialist: My secret weapon in my role is maintaining good and strong work relationships. Because HRIS is a service-oriented role, it’s important to have good relationships with our customers (i.e., other RV employees).

3. There’s also an “I” in “meaningful impact.”

Allie Sherman, People Analytics Data Analyst: Working on the POPs team at RV has allowed me to truly feel the impact and importance of the work I am doing, which has only grown my passion for data. My previous employment opportunities and education were amazing learning experiences to grow my technical skill-set and familiarize myself with data science/analytics, but I feel like my role on the POPs team has allowed me to apply these skills in a really meaningful way. I am genuinely excited and inspired by the work we are doing on POPs and cannot wait for the future of People Analytics here at RV!

Ami, Director of Corporate Communications: In addition to working with some of the best teammates at RV (who I get to learn from and with every day), my favorite part about working on POPs is having a front-row seat to the magic happening across RV brands and businesses. To get to witness brands and industry groups celebrate major milestones first-hand and hopefully play a small part in helping them get here is always a true privilege.

Shaan Dadlani, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Senior Analyst: I love being able to make a positive impact on the employee experience. I have worked in business, tech and now in POPs — this is definitely not where I thought I would end up but I am sure glad I accepted that first role almost 6 years ago! We truly try to utilize our data to make better decisions, and I hope other companies make the same efforts.

Lakisha Williams, Senior Sales Recruiter: I am able to learn a different part of Red Ventures by working on the POPs team. My reach is wider. It’s amazing being able to see the impact my role has across multiple teams and positions.

4. You can’t spell “culture” without “U.”

Alyson, Recruiter: Coming into RV, I was a bit hesitant because I was well aware of the high-performance culture that RV cultivates, and felt a bit unsure if I would be able to live up to it. What I didn’t realize is living up to the high-performance culture would come naturally, because all of your teammates aid in this, they help you to drive your development and consistently push for me. I never feel like it’s just “me” pushing, but it’s everyone else pushing me to continue to rise and improve.

Will Ayers, Senior Program Manager, People Development: My RV experience has been very different from what I initially imagined. I started as a sales agent and worked my way into sales leadership. From there I hopped over to the Learning & Development team to run our Sales L&D programs and have since shifted to work predominantly with our Sales Support teams. I never would have expected to make so many lifelong friends when I first started at RV. Other places I’ve worked at have touted all these growth opportunities and how great the culture is, but RV is the first place I’ve worked at that has actually lived up to the sell.

Allie, People Analytics Data Analyst: Starting at RV at the beginning of the pandemic was an intimidating experience because I never had the opportunity to come meet my coworkers in person! Despite the limitations of working remotely, I have made amazing relationships and have been fortunate to work with some incredible people here at RV. I feel uplifted and supported by my coworkers within POPs to drive our analytics strategy and leverage our data to really make a difference in the employee experience within the company. My experience has been wonderful and I constantly find myself being pushed to become a stronger analyst.

Lakisha, Senior Sales Recruiter: The best way to describe my experience at RV is by comparing it to being at an amusement park. I remember when I first joined  RV, I was so excited about the opportunity but also had butterflies in my stomach knowing that it would push me and test my courage. Eleven years later and I still have that feeling. Every corner I turn there is something else that is bigger and better waiting for me to explore. Often challenging and equally rewarding.

Kyle, Senior Workday Configuration Specialist: I enjoy how close the POPs team is. While we all work hard to get the job done, we never forget that we are all human. We enjoy the comical sides of things and like to stay relatively close in our personal lives as well (i.e., baby updates/pics, birthday celebrations, etc). We maintain strong work friendships.

Think you’d be a great fit for our People Operations team? Put the “U” in “opportunity” and check out our available POPs positions!

About the Author:
Sarah Harris | Communications Strategist
Sarah Harris

Sarah joined the Red Ventures creative team in 2018 after graduating from North Carolina State University. (GO PACK!) When she isn't whipping up killer content for the Corporate Communications team, she can be found posting pictures of the many frogs that live around the Charlotte campus (there are like, a lot).

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