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When it comes to inclusion at Red Ventures, our objective is simple. We want to create a workplace where everyone belongs, and we want to build diverse teams at every level – because diverse teams make better decisions, and diversity at all levels of leadership drives inclusion and belonging.

By holding ourselves accountable to being open and inclusive teammates inside the walls of RV, we aspire to set an example for others in the world to follow. As part of our robust benefits options, we’re proud to offer the below benefits, focused on inclusion:

Gender Transformation 

We’ve added gender transformation coverage to our medical plans to provide compassionate, high-quality care for transgender employees. Medical services for the treatment of diagnosed gender dysphoria may include mental health therapy, hormone therapy, mastectomy with chest reconstruction, gender-affirming lower-body surgeries and more.* 

I have been with Red Ventures for over 9 years and I have a transgender son (FTM – female to male). When Sutton finally told us, I can’t say I didn’t mourn the loss of a daughter, but I also celebrated that I had a son who was alive and finally feeling that his life mattered. He wanted to live.

Kelly Oliver | Director, Connected Services
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Mental Health 

Caring for our mental wellness is more important now than ever, and we want to ensure every RVer around the world has access to the best support possible. In addition to daily meditation classes and internal, employee-led support groups, every Red Ventures employee has access to mental health coaching and short-term therapy for stress, anxiety, and depression.*

Not new: daily and weekly mindfulness practice with our Healthline team.

Fertility Treatment

We’ve partnered with a leading fertility benefits solution to provide an inclusive family-building benefit for every unique path to parenthood. The journey to become a parent can be physically, emotionally, and financially challenging. With this in mind, we provide comprehensive treatment coverage leveraging the latest technologies and treatments, access to high-quality care through a premier network of fertility specialists, and personalized emotional support and guidance from dedicated patient care advocates.*

Parental Bonding

We provide employees who are the parents of a newborn child or a newly adopted child, or the sponsor of a new foster/guardian care placement, with Parental Bonding pay to allow for a period of bonding with the child. Depending on tenure and other qualifying features, parents may be eligible for 6-12 weeks of Parental Bonding pay.*

The 6 weeks I took off for parental leave were the best 6 weeks of my life. The connection I had with my oldest was beyond special. My advice to new fathers (here) would be to take advantage of this. We’re lucky.

Scott Hamer | Executive Vice President, Financial Services
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Read more about our diversity and inclusion journey at  

*Note: descriptions above are simplified summaries of HR benefits and do not reflect full legal requirements of each benefit.

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