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Inspired BlogRoad to RV: 3 Things I Learned in NYC (Part 2)

⚠️ Hold up. This post is part of a series. Be sure to read about RAM’s adventures in Charlotte (Part 1) All caught up? Carry on.

It’s confession time. My name is RAM Sánchez, and I’m a points guy. 

Anyone who knows me knows I love to travel. One of my personal goals is to visit 30 countries before I turn 30 years old (20 and counting). Most of that travel has been made possible by reading The Points Guy and learning how to maximize my points and miles.

Even before The Points Guy became a Red Ventures brand, I was one of their followers. I even used to apply for my first travel credit card… and my second… and my third. 😅

As you can imagine, when I found out that Red Ventures was going to be acquiring The Points Guy back in 2017, I was stoked. But I never once expected that I would get the chance to fly up to New York for work and shadow the TPG team.

Spoiler alert 🚨

Quick aside: Want to learn more about points and miles travel? Check out the comprehensive Points and Miles Beginner Guide, written by fellow RVer Samantha Rosen.

So, how did I end up shadowing the TPG team in NYC?

One of the coolest things about Red Ventures is that if you want to learn something new, you can. Just ask

In my first year here, I’ve reached out to teammates across all RV verticals – from peers to senior leaders – and never once have I been denied a 1:1 meet-up.

Our ‘pay-it-forward’ culture is exactly what makes learning new skills so easy.

Sure, you could spend hours watching Youtube tutorials, but it’s no substitute for speaking with a teammate who’s been in your shoes before (and already knows the tech or role you’re learning).

Though we’re all about collaboration, we’re also encouraged to take advantage of RV’s online Learning & Development portal. That’s where this story truly begins. After completing an online course on digital marketing, I decided I wanted to learn more. Everyone I talked to in Charlotte said that TPG was the leader in the field. My normal approach to this situation would be to reach out to someone in New York and set up a video call. But this time, I took things one step further.

I had already planned a trip to New York for a friend’s wedding, so I thought, “Why not add on an extra day, plug in at the NYC office, and learn from the team face-to-face?” I booked my own flight (using miles of course), talked to the right people, and was on my way.

In just one day, I learned a TON. Drumroll, please…

1) We’re great people to work with – because we push each other to improve.

Okay. Technically, being a “great person to work with” is one of RV’s core values… but it’s absolutely true. 

From the second I arrived, I could tell it was going to be a great day. After introducing myself to The Points Pups, (which, like, OMG!) I got to meet the TPG team.

You, too, can meet them… on Instagram @thepointspups.

Everyone I met was excited to hear why I was visiting – and to share what they do at TPG. After all the introductions, it was finally time to get to work. I had several meetings lined up for my stop in NYC, and one mission: learn something new. 

I couldn’t have picked an easier mission. Instead of viewing me as a distraction, the TPG team totally embraced my visit. They’d even prepared interactive sessions to help me learn more about digital marketing. This showed me that RV is a place where your teammates will hold you accountable to achieving your goals – and help you get there.

Being a “great person to work with” is more than just being friendly. It’s pushing those around you to be their best, too.

Turns out our NYC team is pretty great at that.

2) We work hard – because we’re moving the needle forward.

Red Ventures (and by default, The Points Guy) are cool places to work. From the outside looking in, the TPG crew’s jet-setting lifestyle is downright enviable. But make no mistake, they work hard.

I may not be able to list off all the differences between Delta and Qatar Airways business class, but The Points Guy team most certainly can. All while also working dynamic hours, pouring over terabytes of data, and researching countless points/miles programs – just so their readers can get the best experience on their next vacation (without spending all their hard-earned $$$). 

It’s easy to see why so many people at Red Ventures love what they do. Every day, we’re creating better online experiences end-to-end – whether that’s helping a customer find their next utility provider, providing tips for a better healthcare routine, or connecting readers with a travel rewards card that’ll help them book their dream getaway.  

The Points Guy team epitomizes the “work hard, play harder” attitude found on many teams at RV. It’s an attitude I champion more now that I’ve worked with a team that pulls it off so effortlessly. Of course, getting to do that at 35,00 feet in a lie-flat seat? Just a bonus perk. 

3) We never say ‘no’ to a big opportunity – because it could change the game.

Disclaimer: working on vacation is not a cornerstone of RV culture. When you take time away, it’s your time to recharge. In fact, our vacation days aren’t even tracked. 

So why spend my vacation time… at work?

As a Road to Hire graduate, I still have a lot to learn. Red Ventures and Road to Hire provide a lot of resources after graduation to continue your education. However, the single greatest learning resource I’ve found is the team of wickedly talented people I get to work with everyday. I saw a trip to the NYC office as an opportunity to learn from a new pool of talent (and play with The Points Pups).

At Red Ventures, we have company-wide gatherings a couple times a year. Now, I’ll be able to reconnect with my TPG teammates – and keep learning about their new projects and ideas. Who knows what cool things they’ll be working on the next time they’re in town? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A wild Points Guy™ appeared!

To make a long story short: I had a blast in the Big Apple. In fact, I had so much fun I decided to do it again… This time, in Brazil!

Stay tuned for my next update, where I’ll take you on a trip to South America and share 3 lessons from my time at RV’s São Paulo office.

About the Author:
RAM Sánchez

RAM Sánchez is a Charlotte, NC native and an Associate at Red Ventures. RAM has lived in places like New York and Argentina, but moved back to Charlotte in 2018 to join the Red Ventures team. Since starting at Red Ventures he has developed a background in data. Outside of work you can find RAM singing along to Beyoncé or finding the best food spots in Charlotte.

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