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In 2014, CEO Ric Elias began a movement (pun intended) to improve economic mobility in the Charlotte area beginning with RoadtoHire, which focuses on business skills/training and job placement. This year, he launched LifeHoops, which combines basketball, mentorship, and academics to inspire young men and empower them to become leaders in their communities.

Why? Statistically speaking, after-school hours (3-5pm) are peak times for juvenile crime, substance abuse, and sexual promiscuity. LifeHoops provides a safe environment for young men (ages 12-14) to come every day, take part in a healthy after-school meal, academic tutoring, and to be part of a team. The only requirements to participate? Stay in school. Be respectful. Love basketball.

Jason Streeter (who just celebrated ELEVEN years at Red Ventures!) has helped lead the program from its inception, along with fellow RVer Zain Motani and NBA alum Matt Carroll. Watch him share his experience below in two new episodes of  the β€œRV Diaries!”

The RV Diaries is an ongoing series in which real RV employees share their experiences – inside and outside of work. See more RV Videos on YouTube. 

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Kelly McMurtrie | Principal Creative Producer
Kelly McMurtrie

Kelly is a Principal Creative Producer on the Red Ventures Corporate Communications team and the secret voice behind our website content, video content, and social media. She is currently writing about herself in the third person.

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