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Inspired BlogRV Experts: Healthline | How to Motivate Yourself to Work when You’re Struggling Mentally

At Red Ventures, we strive to provide outstanding experiences for our customers and audiences — none of which would be possible without our teams of industry experts. This month on INSPIRED, we’re highlighting the great work from our Healthline team, which recently became the first and only site to unseat WebMD as the Top Online Health Information Website. Check in each week to discover more top content from our RV Experts at Healthline.

About Healthline

More than 200 million people turn to Healthline every month for its comprehensive health and wellness information. Using an empathy-first approach, Healthline helps guide its users through their well-being journeys via informative, easy-to-understand, engaging content. From its health and wellness library and newsletters to apps, podcasts, and communities, Healthline offers a variety of resources to make everyone feel supported and included, regardless of their medical condition.

In 2019, Healthline joined the Red Ventures’ growing portfolio. Since then, we’ve worked to integrate our digital marketing expertise, tech platform and products with Heahthline’s best-in-class content, tools, and experiences to help millions of monthly visitors live their strongest and healthiest lives.

RV Expert Take: “9 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Work When You’re Struggling Mentally”

At Red Ventures, we have a strong bias to action. We know the world is changing quickly, so we capitalize on momentum ― we call this ‘running up escalators.’ But when you’re standing at the bottom of the escalator, just taking the first step can be a challenge all on its own. If you’re stressed or need to overcome a mental block, that first step can look a lot harder, too.

Our Healthline team rounded up 9 simple tips to help you stay motivated, even when you don’t feel your best. So if that first escalator step is looking particularly tough today, give one of these techniques a try:

  • Make a plan. According to Healthline, “Just the simple act of writing down what you need to do can spark motivation and make you feel better and more productive.” Build yourself a daily routine and designate specific hours of the day to specific tasks. You can even use your phone calendar or an organization task to keep you accountable.
  • Break it down. “If you’re feeling stressed or down, just getting some of those thoughts swirling around in your head onto paper can make them seem a lot less overwhelming.” Create a to-do list, and sprinkle in some tasks you enjoy to spark extra motivation. Be sure to break the tasks into small, doable items, too ― the simpler and quicker the task, the easier it’ll feel to accomplish.
  • Jam it out. If you need to focus on a tricky task or just want some light background noise, try listening to a motivating work playlist. Giving yourself a consistent backdrop to your work can help put you in the right mindset, even on days when you’re not feeling 100%.
  • Check in with yourself and be honest. How are you feeling ― are you hungry or thirsty? Consider what you’re eating and drinking throughout the day. Even though many of us may turn to caffeine for an easy energy boost, too much can make us jittery and unfocused. Sugary foods can also provide a short burst of energy, but often lead to a crash later. Instead, focus on eating a well-balanced diet to keep you energized all day long.

To get the full list of motivation tips, read the complete piece on Healthline!

About the Author:
Sarah Harris | Communications Strategist
Sarah Harris

Sarah joined the Red Ventures creative team in 2018 after graduating from North Carolina State University. (GO PACK!) When she isn't whipping up killer content for the Corporate Communications team, she can be found posting pictures of the many frogs that live around the Charlotte campus (there are like, a lot).

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