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Inspired BlogRV Influencers: Humans are Hard

You’ve probably heard someone say, “people are our greatest asset”. I think that’s true. What you may not have heard so much is that as a company, people could also be our biggest liability. I believe this to be true as well.

If a company is to be measured based on the value its employees create, then the biggest risk a company can face is when those employees are ill-equipped to perform their roles.

People bring ambition, drive, curiosity, and a whole host of skills and talents to work everyday. We rely on past experiences and intuition to make good decisions and to be creative. We persevere through challenges, we learn and adapt, we brainstorm, and we observe others. We are a combination of so many capabilities and qualities that we are, in fact, the most versatile of tools on the planet.

Yet we aren’t perfect. We also bring emotions, doubt, anxieties, jealousy, and (sometimes) a dose of unhealthy competition. We may have underdeveloped skills or we may feel uncomfortable asking for help. We all have biases – some that, individually, we may be unaware of. At times we may lack empathy for our coworkers, behave dismissively, or succumb to mood swings.

Humans are hard.

But at the end of the day, they’re both our greatest asset and our biggest liability.

At Red Ventures, Learning & Development (L&D) is paramount. We believe that constant coaching in a feedback-driven culture is the key to unlocking our individual, contributing value.

We’ve made significant investments and have worked to ingrain a continuous education mindset as part of our culture. That’s why we built The Curve, a whole building full of state-of-the-art classrooms – plus an auditorium – dedicated to training and teaching RVers.

In 2018 alone, we held 130 unique L&D courses (fun fact: +90% of those sessions were employee led), racking up +150 hours dedicated to learning each week.

Companies who promote self awareness, coaching, and a clear path of development for their employees are the ones that will unlock their greatest potential.

Come be a better human at Red Ventures. We’re hiring!

About the Author:
James LaPlaine | Chief Technology Officer
James LaPlaine

James LaPlaine joined Red Ventures in 2018 as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. He is currently a board member for the Technology Business Management Council, and has served on technical advisory boards for Intel Corporation, Amazon Web Services, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. He is actively involved in youth activities promoting the importance of STEM education and a champion for advancing women and minorities in technology and leadership roles.

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