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What kind of company would take 3 hours out of the work day to connect employees with 30+ nonprofits and opportunities to give back to the community? We do it once a year.

We believe in empowering our employees to be the authors of our story, which is why our community involvement program is 100% employee-driven and dedicated to supporting the causes RVers are most passionate about.

And by “support,” we don’t mean “write a check.” We create powerful opportunities for RV employees to maximize their impact, and to become influential leaders in their communities.

Since we started this program, we’ve supported more than 300 nonprofits – and our employees have raised more than one million dollars for they causes they care about most.

We’ve hosted company-wide bowling tournaments benefitting Relay for Life:

We’ve held Humane Society adoption events (AKA PUPPY DAYS!!)  at the office:

Best. Day. Ever.

Our Florida office hosted a taco-eating contest for hurricane relief that nearly broke the internet:

Miles?! Is that you??

And we’ve had bake-off fundraisers sweet enough to make Gordon Ramsay smile:

Warning: Do not make direct eye contact. NO! STOP! LOOK AWAY!

Fun fact: each of those events happened because one employee was passionate about a cause, asked us for help, and then led the charge.

Community Involvement Fair

Every year, we welcome dozens of nonprofit organizations to our South Charlotte campus for a “Community Involvement Fair.” Why? To help local organizations gain exposure to hundreds of eager volunteers (who happen to work at Red Ventures) – and to connect RVers with new ways to plug into their communities.

From the Fair (and just from the creative minds of our employees), countless simple ideas have evolved into time-honored Red Ventures traditions and staples of our culture.

For example…


Annual (Food-Related) Competition & Wish Reveal Party

RV’s Make-A-Wish champion Jacob Virgil has been a true game changer for our community involvement program. He’s the mastermind behind all kinds of unforgettable events including our company-wide hotdog eating contest, an unnecessarily competitive chilli-cookoff, and a cornhole tournament extravaganza. (Notice a trend here?!) Again and again, Jacob has brought the RV community together to raise money and fulfill wishes for children who need them most.

Jacob Virgil as a company cookout

I’ve hosted numerous events for Make-A-Wish through the the community involvement program; each time I am humbled and blown away by the level of support from both RV and its employees. Our community involvement program is definitely one of the *secret ingredients* that makes RV special.”
– Jacob Virgil 


Red Ventures 5K

Maghan RUNS this partnership.

She’s been involved with local chapters of Girls on the Run for as long as she’s worked at Red Ventures, (don’t ask, it’s a long time) and she’s uncovered all kinds of creative ways to unite her colleagues and make an impact for the organization. She’s spearheaded events like The Beer Mile (that’s exactly what it sounds like), managed the RV Runners Club (which raised money for every mile logged by participants), and most recently, helped launch the first-ever Red Ventures 5K (a race that brought 150 runners and one big red dinosaur together to run 465 miles and raise $9200).

Needless to say, the RV 5K will be back and bigger than ever in 2019. Want to walk/run/stomp for a cool T-Shirt and a cooler cause? Sign up here!

GIF of Maghan Cook participating in a run

“I view Girls on the Run as much more than a beneficiary – they’re a partner. We connect them with eager volunteers, and they connect us with a unique opportunity to empower women in our community. We’re constantly looking for new ways to help each other, to get more people actively involved, and to make a real impact.” -Maghan Cook


RV Stair Climb Challenge

We’re just going to say it: since he’s been involved in the organization, Nate’s made an immeasurable impact for Gigi’s playhouse. Back in October, he stepped up to organize a company-wide stair climb challenge, where 85 RV employees climbed 683 flights of stairs… in 30 minutes. RV matched donations for each flight climbed, and when it was all stepped and done, donated $17K to Gigi’s Playhouse. Same time, same *case* next year?

Nate Healy and a Gigi's Playhouse participant

“GiGi’s helps the Charlotte community provide experiences to families affected by Down Syndrome, in ways that most of the families affected would not normally be able to afford. It’s truly special to see how the RV community has embraced GiGi’s! The opportunity to work at a place that supports organizations like this, but also to work with employees that genuinely care and want to get involved is a blessing. -Nate Healy

Want to work at a company that empowers you to give back to your community in a big way? Good news: We’re hiring. Check out open positions at our 14+ offices all over the world – and start planning YOUR community impact project now.

About the Author:
Kara Robertson | Creative Producer
Kara Robertson

Kara is a Clemson grad and creative producer who joined the RV Corporate Communications team in 2017. She manages INSPIRED, creates all kinds of content for the Red Ventures brand, and wears more orange than medically recommended. (Go Tigers!)

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