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Inspired BlogThe 2022 Virtual Makers Market

Looking for an upcoming anniversary, birthday, mother’s or father’s day gift? Want to also support your entrepreneurial coworkers who run amazing businesses outside of RV? Of course, you do!

Browse the “RV Makers Market” below to find links, social media info, and inside scoops about small businesses run by RVers.

Sunshine Candle Company

Teammate: Tanasia Bailey, Assistant Marketing Manager (FinServ)

Link to shop:

Instagram: @sunshinecandleco_

Facebook: /sunshinecandleco

Inside scoop: Let your light shine with candles, wax melts, perfumes, room sprays, pillow mists, and more!

100 Things to Do in Asheville Before You Die

Teammate: Kristy Tolley, Editor II (The Points Guy)

Link to buy:

Inside scoop: A book to help you plan your next trip to Asheville and cross some things off your bucket list, like ghost hunting, camping, food, and more!

True Flour

Teammate: Preston Jones, Data Engineer, Healthgrades

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: True Flour is Charlotte’s first baking company to specialize in Vegan Rice Krispy Treats and Gluten-Free, Vegan Brownies. Whether you are just craving something sweet or have an event and need fresh-baked desserts, we have you covered!

Instagram: @truflour

Tegan Dover Art

Teammate: Tegan Dover, Procurement Manager (Corporate)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Mixed media art on canvas with plenty of curiosity to go around!

Instagram: @tegandoverart

Brounn Candles

Teammate: Taylor Janet Brown, Digital Marketing Analyst (FinServ)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Get the luxury experience without the luxury cost with these hand-poured candles! (You deserve it!)

CLT Clay Co

Teammate: Brandi Myers, Senior Product Designer (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Spruce up your spring look with these handmade polymer clay earrings. Shop the latest spring collection or browse for all occasions!

Instagram: @cltclayco

Taylor Leamey Art

Teammate: Taylor Leamey, Writer (Media & Commerce)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Looking for some new art for your walls or stickers for your water bottle? Look no more!

Instagram: @taylorleamey

Rabbit Hat Designs

Teammate: Ben Bonetti, Senior VP of Product Management (Health)

Link to Shop:

Inside scoop: Art, illustrations, and embroidery! Grab a DIY kit or buy something already made!

Instagram: rabbithatdesigns


Tuned Pixels

Teammate: Chester Calingo, Campaign Manager (Media & Commerce)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Inspired by the anime, manga, drifting, cars, and streetwear subculture of Japan and Asia, we created apparel that fits the lifestyle.

Instagram: @tunedpixels

Origami and More

Teammate: Alicia Lo, Product Designer (Education)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Your one-stop shop for origami, planters, and 3d prints!

Jen Jordan Co

Teammate: Jennifer Anderson, Copy Editor (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Don’t miss out on these downloadable watercolor prints! Perfect for home or office!

Five One Three

Teammate: Martin Gravely, Associate (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Attainable streetwear. Five One Three is about more than clothing. We sell apparel with a purpose. We design from the heart, we tell stories with passion, and we will give back to the communities that built us.

Instagram: @fiveonethreeclothing

The World of Dad Jokes

Teammate: Martin Gravely, Associate (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Are you ready for humor? Are you ready to laugh so hard that you snort milk out of your nose? Is your body prepared for eye rolls so intense only the most cringe-worthy of jokes could cause them? If you answered yes to those questions (and even if you said no), this is the book for you. The World of Dad Jokes is an illustrated collection of some of the best and most well-known dad jokes from around the internet. Groans are guaranteed, but so is a lot of fun.

NFT Collection:

Raise Your Bar

Teammate: Lisa Shasky, Vice President (Corporate Tech)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Success isn’t an end goal. It’s a state you must constantly strive to find and maintain. It takes you showing up willing to learn, grow, and challenge yourself.

Raise Your Bar is a collection of brief thoughts on a variety of aspects of work and life, broadly organized into the three pillars of excellence as an employee:

  • Build a Strong Foundation
  • Commit to Excellence
  • Lead From Within

Finding your success doesn’t have to be an onerous task. Let these insights help focus your intentions, keep them in mind as you act throughout the day, and see how things start to line up for you.

Are you ready to raise your bar?

Simple Wild Free

Teammate: Crystal Hoshaw, Editor I (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: I’m Crystal, and I run an online course to support others in deeply caring for themselves called Creative Self Care. I offer my members a welcome kit full of goodies, including some of the self-care staples I make for myself. I was recently inspired to start an Etsy shop to offer these same products to others, and funnily enough, it came just in time for Maker’s Market. I am definitely new to the scene, so I appreciate your support and encouragement! I have many more products coming too 🙂

Twisted Tulla

Teammate: Melody Petulla, Director (Media & Commerce)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Everyone needs something to drink out of. Why not make it fun? Get your quirky beverage-related products (glasses, mugs, coasters, etc.) here!

Instagram: @twisted.tulla

Mental Illness is an A**hole

Teammate: Gabe Howard, Podcast Producer (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: For years, Gabe Howard’s entertaining articles and essays have been educating people about living with mental illness. His observations cover everything from practical advice to family relationships to the fears that people with mental illness experience.

Wish Upon a Craft

Teammate: Giselle Cancio, Editor II (Education)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Wish Upon a Craft sells all things Disney and wedding-related — including shirts, sweaters, mugs, flutes, tree ornaments, decals, and more! We’re also open to any custom ideas, especially if it’s trip or vacation-related!

Instagram: @wishuponacraft_

Kingmaker Freelance

Teammate: Parisa Syed, Associate Editor (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: I’ve learned a lot about editing since graduating college. The most important lesson I’ve learned from my Master’s degree in Publishing is the different types of editing people can do on a book. Developmental editing is my passion–I love working with authors to make sure their characters or their message isn’t lost, their words aren’t compromised, and that I can help them bring out more of their best selves through my careful eye.

Line editing, copyediting, and proofreading are more technical; I focus on grammar, sentence structure, and clarity, and find any inconsistencies in your work. It’s always helpful to have a second eye on your work before you submit it anywhere. And what better person to look it over than a friend!

Maple and Beam

Teammate: Jared Cowan, Front-End Developer (FinServ)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Get your custom engraved and laser cut home goods and keepsakes made from wood and acrylic, or engraving on tumblers right here!

Kevin Heinz Music

Teammate: Kevin Heinz, Producer (Media & Commerce)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: I’m a San Francisco, CA-based musician born and raised in Boulder, CO. I write and record original music and have performed on stages across CA, CO, & NY. My songs are reflections of my life experiences, friendships, loves, and creative endeavors. Hope you enjoy!

Facebook: /kevinheinzmusic

Red A** Gourmet

Teammate: Marilee Aust, Senior Quality Solutions Director (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: We have a line of award-winning, small-batch seasonings and sauces designed specifically to enhance your favorite foods. These are formulated to bring out the best flavors of smoked and roasted pork, chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, soups, and dips. Our spices are responsibly sourced, robust blends of coarsely ground peppers, garlic, and other spices to give your cooking a bold and flavorful zest.

Judy Leia Music

Teammate: Judy Lee, Associate Web Publisher (Health)

Link to shop:

Inside scoop: Going by the artist name “Judy Leia,” I am a singer-songwriter creating cinematic dark pop that you can find on all the major music streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc.). Please follow my music and visit my website for more info and to sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks for coming by, and happy shopping!

About the Author:
Ruth Russell | Associate Creative Producer
Ruth Russell

Ruth joined Red Ventures in 2016 as a Sales Professional and quickly transitioned to our nonprofit team, Road to Hire. She spent three years developing her social media and design skills and now works on the Corp Comm team running all of RV's social media platforms. She also has two cats.

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