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Inspired BlogWhat I Learned From my Friend, Rainn.

There I was, just a typical day at The Office discussing humanity, being good people to work with, and the importance of trust in the workplace with Rainn Wilson during our company-wide event (CultureFEST). NBD.

Fun fact: Rainn called me the Oprah of RV. (!!!)

You may know him as “Dwight Schrute” but now I know him as one of the most interesting minds of our time.

What better way to find new insights about how to be great people to work with, than to have a conversation with someone known for playing, quite possible, the worst coworker in human history?

Rainn is also the founder of the mission-driven media company SoulPancake, which strives to celebrate humanity and champion creativity through its multi-platform storytelling content.

Here are three things I learned in my interview with Rainn.

1. Collaboration, humility, and empathy are key to being a great leader.

2. Having a shared vision creates the right environment for the magic to happen.

3. When there’s a foundation of trust, you can do anything.

Honorable Mention:

Rainn is a fan of RV Brands like The Points Guy, CNET, and Lonely Planet.

Huge thanks to Rainn for a wonderful conversation, and to Red Ventures for the opportunity. This was truly the most fun I’ve ever had at work.

About the Author:
Laine Plummer | VP, Creative & Content
Laine Plummer

Laine Plummer is VP of Creative & Content at Red Ventures and a personal assistant to two toddler boys at home.

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