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Working at IQ

IQ produces original content and resources that demystify credit cards, insurance policies, loans, and other important financials. Our powerful comparison tools hook into deep data analytics, which means our recommendations are better and more customized on a consumer level than other platforms that exist today.

IQ is a startup that spun out of the Red Ventures platform in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Within our platform, we’re able to produce original content at an enormous scale and use deep data analytics to build better consumer research experiences for digital audiences.

About IQ

iq is an app that helps you get more control of finances, centralizing all recurring bills and paying that with credit cards. Your monthly bills are organized in one place – an exclusive area that the customer can access from anywhere. With iq, you no longer need to search for account after account.

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How many reward points would you have accumulated if your bills were paid on your credit card? How much time could you have saved if they were paid automatically? iq was created precisely to help you make up for that lost time.

Current Openings

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Our Locations

iq is centrally located in São Paulo, Brazil.

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