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IT Security Analyst

Red Ventures is looking for that perfect person who is passionate about IT and the myriad of IT standards and guidelines that large successful company should follow.  If you enjoy using obtuse IT acronyms as part of your normal conversation, you may be a great candidate for this position. You will have broad latitude to work independently and coordinate and interact with a broad group of bright and energetic people throughout the company.


  • Primarily work with and assist the Chief Information Security Officer to grow the IT Compliance and IT best practices capabilities for Red Ventures.
  • Become the lead person to track Red Ventures’ compliance with various partner contracts and requirements.
  • Understand the business, design and execute audit programs, execute testing, analyze findings, report writing and presentation to the business, as well as participating in corrective action planning, and tracking issues through remediation with the business owners
  • Document and assess the design and operating effectiveness of controls and processes to meet established business objectives or security concerns in the IT and network groups across the business
  • Facilitate meetings with Technology and Network owners to discuss and understand processes and conduct risk assessments to identify and understand the business and related IT Risks, internal controls which mitigate these risks, and related opportunities for internal control improvement
  • Have Fun

Desired Qualifications, Skills and Experience:   

  • 3 - 5 years of current or former hands-on IT experience in IT operations, development or similar disciplines as a foundational basis
  • 2 to 4 years working with and strong familiarity with one or more IT Standards such as SSAE SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI, COBIT and similar.
  • Have proven and excellent verbal and written communication skills.  E.g., you can talk to normal people about IT in a way they can understand.  You also need to be concise and clear when creating documents and responding to requirements.
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities, work alone or in small teams, achieve established goals and objectives, and communicate progress in a timely and meaningful manner.
  • Ability to understand information security and network risks, with strong technical background and knowledge of Information Technology and security, including Linux, Windows and networking environments
  • Experience in Internal or External Audit in the IT Risk and Compliance space
  • Ability to respond in kind to and appreciate the puns offered by the CISO

About Red Ventures:

Red Ventures is a technology-driven digital marketing and sales company. We focus on solving complex business problems for our partners, which include some of the nations’ largest brands, by combining advanced data analytics with proprietary, built in-house technology to help us generate demand and attract potential customers with incredible efficiency.

We combine the speed and creativity of a start-up, the strategic thinking of a management consultancy, and the technology development and analytics of a software company– all under one roof. Couple that with a culture built on speed, innovation and collaboration and you’ll find that Red Ventures is a place unlike any other.


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