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We believe in being thechange we wish to see

Getting better every day
DE&I Annual Progress Report

We’ve put our whole hearts, minds, and spirits into navigating these uncertain and complex times. Since 2020, we’ve dedicated a full team to the work of diversity, equity and inclusion and we empower this team to turn over every rock, question every policy and practice, and do so with courage, transparency and accountability. View our 2020 Report below, and check back for an update on current data, coming soon (Spring 2022).

In the words of RV CEO Ric Elias, “We’re sharing our progress, but the work does not stop here. Our goal is not to be perfect - it is to get better every day.”

See the report
DE&I Annual Progress Report 2020 to 2021 digital graphic

Our Guiding Principles

Diversity, equity, and inclusion deeply impacts every employee, customer, partner, and community. As a company, we believe it must be woven into the fabric of who we are.

Why we do this work
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Belonging drives engagement.

When every employee feels like they belong, and that they are welcomed, embraced and celebrated as their authentic selves, RV will begin to reach its full potential.

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Diverse teams make better decisions.

Diverse teams make better decisions, and diversity at all levels of leadership drives inclusion and belonging.

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Creating equity is critical to success.

Our top philanthropic priority is in creating opportunity and removing barriers for historically marginalized groups.


Tracking Our Progress

Core to Red Ventures’ success is the use of data to inform decisions. Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is no different. In order to make meaningful progress toward becoming a more inclusive workplace, we need to understand where we are and how we can get better. For a detailed look at our current data and our progress, please review our 2020 DE&I Annual Report.

See the report
Chart of our diversity progress
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Employee Resource Groups

ERGs at Red Ventures seek to empower a community whose collective voice fosters an inclusive company culture.

More Than ERG logo
More Than

Supporting U.S. employees who identify as having a disability, impairment, chronic condition, or other unique physical or mental need that may require accommodations.

Venture Out ERG logo
Venture O.U.T.

(Onward. Uniquely. Together.) Supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community in the U.S.

The Bridge ERG logo
The B.R.I.D.G.E.

(Building Relationships in Diverse Group Environments) Supporting people of color across the organization in the U.S.

Empowered ERG logo

Supporting those who identify as women across the organization in the U.S.

A portrait of Danielle Manyika
“The Bridge has been a haven during a tumultuous year. Each time an awful incident has occurred, I have been able to go to our community and know that there are almost 1,000 people there who want to see the world change and who support me as a Black woman.”

Danielle Manyika (she/her)

Senior Technical Project Manager

RV Corporate Technology

Benefits and Support

These are small steps toward becoming a more inclusive company, and we continue to work directly with our employees to understand how we can better support their health and wellness while allowing them to be their true and authentic selves at work everyday.

Road to Hire

Community Partnerships

Road to Hire

Our longest standing community partnership is with Road to Hire, a non-profit dedicated to economic mobility which was founded by CEO Ric Elias and developed through the Red Ventures platform. Today Road to Hire partners with several top employers in the Charlotte area, connecting under-resourced young adults with onramps to life-changing careers through access to paid training, college and mentorship. In 2021, the program expanded its apprenticeship programs to talent hubs in Richmond, Atlanta, and Austin.


Red Ventures partnered with VoteAmerica to further drive voter turnout by integrating their voting tool across multiple RV brands. The teams created content to drive traffic to the VoteAmerica platform, helping the organization increase voter registration and engagement, resulting in one of the highest voter turnout elections in history.

Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM) Collective

RV Healthline has partnered with the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (BEAM) to address mental health disparities in marginalized communities. With a contribution from its Mental Health Fund, RV Healthline will be supporting BEAM's work on a series of innovative programs designed to sustainably address specific, unmet mental healthcare needs within Black communities. Visit BEAM's website or read more on PsychCentral.

Black Women's Health Imperative (BWHI)

Red Ventures and the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) have been working on content collaborations appearing across RV Healthline brands, including Healthline, Medical News Today and Psych Central. The goal of this work has been to create articles designed to provide readers with information and expert insight on a specific topic complemented by actionable steps and resources. In 2021, BWHI presented a three-module training curriculum specifically designed for the Healthline editorial team to help drive the HL vision of being a leading voice in DEI via our content.

RV Brands: Using Our Voice

If we want to be the change we wish to see in the world, we have to work internally on our own company — but we must also strategically and intentionally invest in eliminating racial inequity and creating social justice in our world. Through our brands, we have a unique platform where we bring the full weight of our commitment, expertise and resources to bear on this mission.

Healthline logo


An interactive web experience aimed at amplifying marginalized voices and creating educational content and tools for deep learning and community engagement.

CNET logo

Crossing the Broadband Divide

Focused reporting that explores how we ensure equal access to the Internet and digital opportunities.

The Points Guy logo

Allyship in Travel

5 ways to be an ally for social justice while using and earning points.

Meet Our DE&I Team

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We firmly believe that this is work that ALL Red Ventures employees must commit to, but this team of experienced RV leaders is fully dedicated to building a more equitable and just system - within Red Ventures and in the world.

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