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We believe we must measure that which we want to improve. By measuring representation across a variety of identity factors and intersections, we can identify areas of opportunity and work to improve them at all levels across the organization. These changes in representation may not happen quickly, but we are committed to ensuring that all of our employees see people like them across the organization and within leadership.

Red Ventures has grown significantly in the last year. In addition to organic growth, in 2021, we acquired great companies, including Healthgrades and PlateJoy, resulting in our non-telesales U.S. employee population increasing by 23%.

The growth in our U.S. employee base extends to our leadership teams. Our population of leaders at the director and above level grew by 55% in 2021. Over the last year, the representation of women in leadership has increased by 15%. Our BILAP representation in leadership has remained relatively flat.

Collage of Red Ventures employees representing our diversity

Representation in Telesales

Telephone handset graphic

Telesales represents 8% of Red Ventures' employee population in the U.S. and has a significantly different demographic makeup. The telesales organization is made up of 55% women, 44% men, 1% non-binary, 33% white employees, 47% Black employees, 13% Latino(a) or Hispanic employees, and 7% other racial identities.

The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Identity Representation

At the intersection of race, ethnicity, and gender identity, the representation of BILAP women increased 7% YoY.

Chart of RV's US employee population by gender, race and ethnicity

The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Identity Representation in Leadership (Director+)

Despite the overall growth in our leadership team, we must continue to work toward increasing BILAP representation at the director and above level.

Chart of RV's US leadership by gender, race and ethnicity

LGBTQ+ Representation

The LGBTQ+ community makes up about 5.9% of the U.S. workforce. At Red Ventures, 5% of our U.S. employee base identifies as LGBTQ+. Of our leaders, 2% fall within this community. Although our LGBTQ+ employee base is comparable to the U.S. workforce, we will continue to make strides in creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workforce by leveraging partnerships such as Out in Tech to support the recruiting and development of LGBTQ+ talent.

Talent Pipeline Representation

Our overall representation is driven by diversifying our incoming talent pipelines of experienced talent (new hires) or those who recently graduated from college (university hires).


Despite rises in attrition rates in Q1 of 2022, overall attrition remains below pre-pandemic levels. Moreover, we've reduced the BILAP attrition rate from 8% to 5%, which is now in line with the 5% attrition rate among white employees. However, we understand that maintaining this improvement beyond the pandemic will be the best indicator of change within the organization. As we continue to learn and establish our hybrid working model, the work our teams are doing to drive inclusion and belonging is more important now than ever, and our people continue to be our priority.

RV Quarterly Attrition by Demographic

Chart of RV Quarterly Attrition by Demographic


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