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Last Updated: October 30, 2020

Your Credit Card

You authorize CNET Media, Inc., its affiliates and its subsidiaries (collectively “us,” or “we”) third party credit card processor to charge your credit card for the subscription fee option you selected, to store your credit card number and to automatically charge your card upon renewal. We will not store your credit card and will transmit it to its credit card processor in encrypted form.


For your convenience, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your initial subscription period and each renewal period thereafter, and the subscription fee will be automatically charged to your credit card. If you do not wish for your subscription to renew, go to your Profile page, select “Billing,” and select “Cancel.” Your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current term.

Cancellation of Subscription; Refunds

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Subscription fees are non-refundable.

Change of Fees

All subscription fees are subject to change at the discretion of CNET Media, Inc.. Your subscription fees will not change in the middle of any subscription term. If we increase the subscription fees, we will not automatically renew your account at the higher fees but will instead seek your consent.

One Member per Subscription

Each member must have his or her own account. You may not share your account log-in information, including your password, with any other person. You may log into your account from one computer only at a time.

Store Credit

Upon purchase of a yearly subscription and upon each renewal of your yearly subscription, you will receive a code redeemable for $15 in Giant Bomb store credit (this amount is subject to change at CNET Media, Inc.'s discretion). Each code you receive will expire 12 months from the date your credit card is charged for the subscription or renewal, as applicable. Note: Store credits are not available for monthly subscriptions or for yearly subscriptions that are purchased at a discount.

Terms of Service

Your subscription is subject to CNET Media, Inc. general Terms of Use

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