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CEO to raise $10 Million for Puerto Rico Aid & Rebuild

Red Ventures CEO Ric Elias launches nonprofit and will match up to $5 million for Puerto Rico relief and rebuild efforts

FORT MILL, S.C. — Red Ventures CEO and Puerto Rico native Ric Elias announced today the launch of Rebuild Puerto Rico, a nonprofit with the goal of raising at least $10 million to help his home country. Elias has vowed to match up to $5 million.

“I care deeply about our island and about the people there,” said Ric Elias. “Puerto Ricans are facing a magnitude of devastation not seen in our lifetime. My heart breaks for those who are in peril. This is a time for all who care about Puerto Rico or humanity in general to stand up and pitch in.”

Last week, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló called Hurricane Maria the “most devastating storm to hit the island this century, if not in modern history,” estimating damages north of $7 billion. While the full extent of the storm’s destruction has yet to fully emerge, residents could be without power for several months and approximately 15,000 residents remain as refugees in government shelters. Much of the public health and power infrastructure has been destroyed by the storm and what little is left continues to degrade due to ongoing floods.

In response to the devastation, Elias created Rebuild Puerto Rico and launched a 30 day online fundraising campaign on He is working with a team to evaluate the most critical areas of need and to get help to vulnerable populations who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

“While I am inspired by the resilience of Puerto Rico and by the relief efforts already underway, it’s clear that there will be many more months and years of suffering to come,” Elias said. “Our top priority is to make sure our funds have the greatest possible impact on people’s lives. We’re working to identify the most immediate needs and getting relief to vulnerable populations. After that, the focus will shift to catalyze long-term solutions, and ultimately, to help rebuild.”

Donations to Rebuild Puerto Rico can be made here

About Ric Elias

A native to Puerto Rico, Ric Elias attended Boston College and Harvard Business School before founding Red Ventures, which currently employs 2700 employees globally. Ric has founded several nonprofits including Road to Hire, an on-the-job sales and tech training platform, Golden Door Scholars (GDS), which creates educational and career opportunities for high-performing undocumented students, and LifeHoops, an after school basketball and life training program for at-risk youth. Elias was also a survivor of Flight 1549, known as the miracle on the Hudson, which led to his widely viewed TED Talk “3 things I learned while my plane crashed.” His leadership style has earned him noteworthy recognition; in 2011 he was named an Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year and in 2016 he was inducted into the Carolinas Entrepreneur Hall of Fame.

About Red Ventures

Red Ventures is a leading digital consumer choice platform based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through deeply integrated brand partnerships and consumer-facing assets, Red Ventures connects online customers with products and services across high-growth industries including home services, financial services, and healthcare. Founded in 2000, Red Ventures has more than 2,700 employees in offices across the Carolinas, Seattle, Washington, London, and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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