Some companies focus on building a product and finding effective ways to market and sell it. At Red Ventures, our product is our expertise in how to market and sell. We build tools no one else can build. We learn, iterate, and improve faster than anyone else does. We create leads and close sales like it's our job - because it is.

Data drives our decisions - and we use custom technology to scrutinize response, conversion and economics at every level. Our biggest competitive advantage, though, is our people. We hire the brightest minds in the business, equip them with the best tools and technology, and then give them the freedom to revolutionize.

Our Process

How We Work:

Red Ventures Process

It all begins with Demand Generation: that exciting moment when a potential customer becomes interested in a product or service we sell. From there, we handle the entire marketing funnel, ending with the sale. Our team has expertise in natural search, paid search, cross-selling, sales scripting, copywriting, development and more.

We also have incredible sales agents. When a customer calls in, our agents are trained and ready to sell. From our advanced call-routing technology to our real-time sales scripts, we sell like it's nobody's business. Once we close a sale, we hand the customer over to the brand partner and they handle the billing, shipping and installation. Then, we get back to the good stuff: marketing and selling.

Our Partners

You won’t hear the word ‘client’ around here, because that’s not how we approach our relationships. Unlike an agency or vendor, Red Ventures operates as a strategic partner. We partner with large brands in high-growth industries and we own the entire direct marketing process on their behalf - from demand generation to closing the sale. We build an entire business unit around each of our partners and then focus on delivering game-changing, long-term value. This openness and dedication allows us to create more value in the end.

Red Ventures is currently separated into 6 divisions, including RVHome, which includes our television, internet and security businesses, RVMovers, RVPower, Disrupt, our in-house accelerator, RVi, our insurance division, and RVFAST, which serves the financial services and software market. Our business model allows us to succeed in nearly every industry, but our real advantage is the ability to take what we've learned in one industry and rapidly apply it to others.