A place to be the best you.

A culture of doers.

You know when you have a meeting about a meeting to plan when
you’ll meet to get something done? We don’t do that here.

Right Now

We operate in the right now. We don’t set deadlines three months out, we set them for tomorrow, and then we crush those deadlines.

Skills First

We care less about roles and more about solutions that move us forward. Got the skills to help solve a problem? Roll up your sleeves and get in there.

Habitual Changers

We don’t do things because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” We evaluate every process, and fix what doesn’t work. From restructuring businesses to swapping desks, we’ll change what needs changing.

Where good becomes great.


Business Reviews

Each month our leaders meet to talk business—what’s going right, what’s going wrong, and how to get better. At other companies, these meetings would be behind closed doors. At Red Ventures, they’re open to everyone to attend and participate. It’s like free business school.


Learning & Development

From increasing technical skills to learning the ropes of senior management, we’ve got employee-developed (and employee-led) programs for every step of your journey. We believe in growing talent and transforming careers.


Red Talks

Several times a year we host talks from a variety of inspirational sources—NBA coaches, serial entrepreneurs, cancer survivors, musicians, RV alumni, and more. Red Talks are all about challenging our modes of thinking, while also encouraging and inspiring us.

We put
people first.

Our greatest asset is our people. We empower our employees to be the authors of our story. We act—and hustle—like owners. We heavily invest in learning and development opportunities and programs for every stage of an employee’s career. Red Ventures is for problem solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers. It’s for people ready to pitch in, work hard, and have a lot of fun in the process.

This is an open office, flat-structured, teamwork-driven, hard-working, inclusive environment. At work, we believe people should feel free to say what they think, not what they think leadership wants to hear. The result is a culture of collaborative employees that do whatever it takes to make sure the team succeeds.

What we believe.

We embrace change, it’s in our DNA. There are, however, a few things that remain constant, no matter what we do. This is who we are.

1101 Red Ventures Drive
Fort Mill, SC 29707